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For finishing (polishing) of Norwegians there is the "polishing paper". A very fine alumina grit gives the underside of the ear a very smooth surface. For optimal results, the 3 different strips on a special aluminum triangle stuck. The strips are self-adhesive. Length of the triangle and the strips is 25 cm. The aluminum triangle is complete with 3 different polishing strips supplied. The strips are loose after ordering. We provide 3 "coarseness" namely 40, 30 and 3 mμ. After sharpening the skates with the usual stone will be for a short time (1 to 2 minutes) the skate polishing first 40 mμ (blue) and then with the 30 mμ (green) and finally the 3 mμ (pink) polishing streaks. The advantage of this polishing is that the sliding resistance is even lower.

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  • Model: Zandstra Polijstsysteem

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